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Our Services

ENERG-X OIL&GAS is a registered Liability Company incorporated under the laws of Germany. Owned and operated by a group of young and dynamic professionals in Germany, in the UK and Africa. The Company’s main business is Infrastructures, Renewable energy and Commodity Trading. Our core products include Crude Oil, Derivatives and Refined Petroleum products which Includes-Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Aviation fuel (all grades- Jet-A1/Jet-B), UREA 46 and Bitumen(all grades) . We also provide consultancy in conjunction with our affiliates whose specialties includes designing ie 3D CAD for engineering and management services in the fields of Oil Exploration, Infrastructure, Water, Environment and Buildings. As a major player in these fields, we have built up a reputation for excellence, integrity and delivery.

As part of ENERG-X developmental scheme and renewal energy programs we have made our presence known in Africa through collaboration of the stakeholders within the community, has given us a strong hold to enable us have access to the safe execution of sizeable projects and initiatives being executed through government inspired alliance. Through our contacts and affiliates, we bridge the gap and enable our clients to tap into the vast and immense wealth of resources which is the heart and soul of African continent. Our vision is to be the ‘One Stop Gateway’ into Africa, knowing that our clients are relying on us to cut through the bureaucracy and other tensions that is associated with doing business in the region.

Our most efficient way to combat climate change is Renewable Diesel. Advanced biofuels made of renewable feed-stocks are a key means of increasing the share of renewable energy in traffic – both on the ground and in the air. ENERG-X OIL& GAS and in conjunction with our affiliates, Stakeholder and the community offers renewable solutions globally, which makes it possible to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.


Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)




Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)


Aviation fuel (all grades- Jet-A1/Jet-B)

Our Products

Our participation and multifaceted refining system which consist of top refining companies such as Neste oil Finland, Kralupy refinery (Česká Refinery), Koch HC Partnership Refinery provides us competitive advantage over many other refining companies. Our refined diesel, PMS and Aviation fuel production is based on unique and proprietary technology. We receive our supply from state-of-the-art refining production facilities in Latvia, Netherlands and Rotterdam, we aim to further increase our supply capacity to all our major clients globally.

About us

ENERG-X OIL&GAS strives to understand its clients’ needs and to be innovative in order to give the best quality services to clients; we exceed the performances of our stronger competitors within the industry through strict compliance, core values of honesty, integrity, experience and knowledge. All of which is crucial to delivering the quality services needed for growth and development of our company, thereby, creating the skill needed to cultivate our own uniqueness thus identifying our client’s needs in effort to ensure targets are met and desired deliverables are achieved, through proper articulation of our customer’s needs, preferences and absolute customer satisfaction. Our innovative approach to uncompromised quality for our products form a reliable base for refining products that are designed to perform in the most demanding climatic conditions. We source our products from top largest refineries that produced Automotive Gas Oil, Premium Motor Spirit and renewable fuels that offers a truly viable low-carbon premium-quality.


ENERG-X OIL&GAS long term investment plans involve engagement in large scale production projects in African countries such as Exploration of marginal fields for extraction of Crude Oil and Gas production. ENERG-X OIL&GAS is a stable organization with a dynamic development and significant competitive advance, with strong market production base. We are dedicated to offer fast and most convenient customer experience for each customer. ENERG-X OIL&GAS‘s extensive station network is ready to serve you and offer high-quality cleaner products.

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